Learning Hub Friesland (LHF) actively harvests the challenges found in education and training in the Friesland region and beyond. We are keen to form the education & training gateway to and from our region: exporting good initiatives developed in our region to other European regions and importing strong examples from elsewhere.

For more information: http://learninghubfriesland.nl/

Kunstkade is a “Coöperatieve Vereniging”, a network organization providing cultural education. The municipality of Leeuwarden in 2012 gave us the mandate to organise and coordinate 1) the cultural offer of workshops, courses and so on ; 2) cultural education and 3) a cultural agenda for the whole community. By far the biggest part of these 3 components is the cultural education at/with 60 primary schools.

For more information: https://www.kunstkade.nl/

The Agrupamento de Escolas Emidio Navarro (AEEN) created in April 2013, resulted from the aggregation of Emidio Navarro Secondary School with Schools Group D. António da Costa. It is located in Almada , a city that is located in the Metropolitan Area of Lisbon , on the south bank of the Tagus river. Agrupamento de Escolas Emidio Navarro has 2975 students spread across 7 locations, from the kindergarten to the secondary (regular and VET), 224 teachers and 60 non-teaching staff.

For more information: http://aeen.pt/home/

Our school hosts 747 students and has about 61 member of personnel. Firstly, our school has joined the Elos network sharing its main aims. We are convinced in the value of international education for our students because we believe that the intercultural dialogue in a more open international learning environment makes them aware of being European citizens.

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St. Michael School was set up in 1988. The school educates children from Kindergarten level (age 3) right up to their senior years (age 16), preparing the students for the local examinations (Sec) as well as the British based examinations.

For more information: http://www.stmeduc.org/

IES Hermanos Machado Secondary School is a state funded Secondary School depending on the Regional Educational Authority in Andalucía (Spain). We have the following educational levels: Compulsory Secondary Education (12-16 years old students), Post-compulsory Secondary Education (16-18 years old students), Vocational Training: Low level (16-18 years old students) on Microcomputer Systems and Networks and Physical Activities in Nature, and Higher Vocational Training (18-20 years old students) on Development of Software.

For more information: http://www.ieshnosmachado.org/

IDEC is a training and training consulting company located in Piraeus, Greece. Its activities consist of training, management consulting, quality assurance, evaluation and development of ICT solutions for both private and public sector. Clients of IDEC are both SMEs and the bigger Greek companies of a wide variety of sectors, as well as schools, NGOs, Universities etc. It co-operates with more than 600 institutes all through Europe and with about 300 experts on specific fields.

For more information: https://www.idec.gr/

Effebi Association is a non-profit Association which since its foundation in 1978 has been a reference point for people involved in the management and development of HR and organizational models mainly for the banking & financial sector. Effebi Association carries out, through the Centre for Research and European Studies (CRESfb),national and European studies and researches related to the development of human resources and training. The Centre is supported by Experts and Professionals, in collaboration with Universities.

For more information: https://www.asseffebi.eu/

Bartolomeo association was born in 2015 in order to promote cultural heritage among young children and kids via innovative methods and digital tools. Its mission is to involve kids, but also their parents and teachers, in quality learning in the field of art and culture. Bartolomeo aims to promote the sense of beauty and the sense of history, foster curiosity and empower observation among kids. Our educational digital tools are an example of the “made in Italy” approach: they care about design and details, they respect the children’s right to beautiful images, to fascinating stories and to complexity.

For more information: https://www.bartolomeo.education 



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