Kick off meeting in Almada,

Portugal 12 – 13 of November 2019


Agrupamento de Escolas Emídio Navarro (AEEN) hosted the project’s first meeting in its school premises. On the first day of the meeting, Professor Rui Baltazar said a few words about Portugal and about school’s history and achievements and then every partner presented their organisation. Following the introduction to the project’s coordinator, Frank Hiddink from Learning Hub Friesland, all partners participated in the “Impact tool workshop”: Frank explained the Impact Tool and how it helps all partners formulate and structure their ambitions with the project in the long run. Also, to predict the desired impact that the project will have in partner’s respective region/country. During day 1 of the meeting, partners had the chance to visit the hosting school as well as the primary school. The Portuguese Partner AEEN, together with teachers and students, showed their classrooms, laboratories and projects.
During day 2, partners presented and discussed about project’s intellectual outputs and several administrative issues and then all of them schedule their next meeting in Kaunas on 7-8 of May 2020. They will be hosted by Kauno SD in Lithuania.